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           BEDTIME KISSES, 4RV Publishing, April 10, 2014

           LITTLE BUG, Guardian Angel Publishing, August 2015

           ALPHABET ZOO, Under Contract, 4RV Publishing


Children’s Magazine Fiction:

            My Light Magazine, September 2009, "Dear God"

            Stories for Children Magazine, June 2009, “Heave-Ho” & “Fun Facts About Ants”

            Stories for Children Magazine, December 2008, “Maybe This Time”

            Stories for Children Magazine, March 2008, “One Wish”

            Stories for Children Magazine, November 2007, “A Dog of a Problem”

            Fandangle Magazine, August 2007, “Family Jewels”


Children’s Magazine Nonfiction:

            Guardian Angel Kids, December 2012, "It's Life"

            Guardian Angel Kids, December 2011, “Bands of Color”

            Nature Friend Magazine, December 2008, “Freeze Point” & Learning Activity

            Stories for Children Magazine, August 2007, “A Palace of Corn”


Adult Nonfiction:

            Once Upon a Time, Spring 2009, “Is This Work?”

            Nostalgia Magazine, September 2006, “Minnesota Memories”

            Grit, September 2004, “A Palace of Corn”

            MomsVoice.com Journal, March 2004, “The Language Explosion”



            Bumples, "Birthday Surprises" Poem, May 2016

            Write What Inspires You Newsletter Interview, July 2009


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